Monday, March 28, 2011

CVS Snippet: Sunday's Ads Usually Activate Saturday Evening ~ Changes Being Made by Corporate

I am reposting this older post and adding an edited note about changes to this policy.

Almost all CVS stores activate their new weekly ads on Saturday by 6:00 p.m.  Check with your local store for their policy and also read this former post about the problems if one item is on sale both weeks.  Also, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday only
sales will not produce extra bucks if purchased on Saturday.

On 3/27/2011 Stacey, a Simply CVS reader, left the following comment on the Simply CVS Facebook page:
"I wanted to give everyone a heads up...I was at my local store yesterday and the cashier was complaining that she didn't have anything to do because corporate had changed their rules about the overlapping sales. From now on the new sale prices do not change until 9 p.m. on Saturday night....So, unless your store is a 24 hr. store, you cannot get the new sales items until Sunday."

So you will need to check before you shop if you have been shopping earlier on Saturdays.

The purpose of the CVS Snippet Series is to give CVS shoppers morsels of information about the many variables that will help them get the most out of their weekly deal shopping.

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Anonymous said...

I think everyone where I live knows about the sale items activating on Saturday- seems that every Sunday when I go in theshelves are completely VOID of the items I'm looking for. Went in last night @ 7:00 pm and there was no Xtra detergent or Deans milk. I was so frustrated I went to Walgreens instead of trying another CVS.

Cheryl said...

Oh, that sounds very frustrating, Anon. Don't forget you can ask for rainchecks and also find out what day your stores get their truck--that helps in knowing when they will be restocked. Most stores also allow you to order stock--like if you have a few coupons for the Xtra you could ask them to order it and it would be there the next week.

Anonymous said...

If you price check an item at the red machine, will the price differ at the cash register? I went Saturday evening at 8pm, and I scan an item that was going to be on sale Sunday, but the machine gave me the regular price. The line was long at the register, so I didn't bother to check the price with the cashier.

Cheryl said...

Anon, I don't have that much experience with Saturday nights, but I would think the scanner would match it, yet maybe it is not reset at the same time--sorry I don't know this answer, maybe a reader will know and share with us.

don o said...

my local cvs doesnt carry enough sale product as it is and going on sunday morning is useless therefore i am glad they wont sell sales till sunday morn..now i have a shot at getting a sale item occasionally

Cheryl said...

I know that can be frustrating, Don. three tips for that: find out what day their truck comes in and go late afternoon after the shelves are stocked; ask the manager to order what you will want the next week (since we have the ads early it is easy to do--I have to tell them on Wednesday morning for the next Monday's truck); and there are always rain checks--which I love.

Savings Crazy Mom said...

My store is a 24 hr store and if there are going to be any good sales i will go Saturday night around 1145 to get my items and just wait till midnight to pay. well i remembered reading about some cvs stores start their sales at 1030 saturday night. so i asked my favorite cashier and she said not at this store (wesley chapel, fl)that they dont start till midnight and sometimes some of them dont even start then. but that there is a store in Zephyrhills, fl that starts theirs early) just not worth the drive for me, but i wanted to give any local folks the heads up.

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Savings CrazyMom.

Mudgod said...

Well, I went to CVS this Saturday at 6pm, and had no problem purchasing items at the next weeks prices.

On Saturday I always scan the items at the coupon box first to verify prices, and I don't try to use an ECB deal.

So, if its something like Pepsi 2-liters being priced at 88 cents, or toothbrushes being a dollar with no ECB deal, then I figure its worth doing. If the coupon box says its a certain price, or if the sticker has been placed on the item with the new price, then that's the price the store will honor.

I wonder if that corporate change is just a local thing at that store, or maybe that district. We should ask around and see if this change is widespread.

CJ said...

My 24 hour CVS starts sales and ECBs at midight on Sat into Sun, never before midnight.

Cheryl said...

Mudgod, I have seen others discussing this change, too, so maybe it will eventually be nation wide (if followed correctly by the stores).

All Those Things I Love! said...

My experience has been, the "better" of the 2 prices show up on the Magic Coupon Machine after 6:30.
I have run into problems, and because of that I didn't go in until Sunday. Specifically, regarding the Physician's Formula. I was pretty sure on Saturday, the system would still pick up the "better" deal of 40% off. But I was on the lookout for the $7 ECB (on the jumbo mascara and a separate one for any other PF)