Saturday, December 11, 2010

Off Topic $aturday: TLC Extreme Couponing Show to Feature We Use Coupons' Nathan Engles

TLC has issued a press release introducing Extreme Couponing to air 12/29 at 8 PM ET/PT.  They are featuring four serious couponers to show how they save the majority of their grocery bill with coupons and sales.  One of those featured is Nathan Engles founder of We Use Coupons.

We Use Coupons is a community of couponers who share the great deals they find from grocery stores, drug stores, big box stores, office supply stores, and more.  They chat
about their shopping trips and all areas of their lives.  To get even more deals they trade coupons and rebate forms thru the mail.

You'll often see me give credit to some of the members there for some of the weekly CVS deals I share here at Simply CVS.  So if you have time and enjoy chatting online and finding deals for stores other than CVS check them out.  It is all free and visitors have access to view all of the site without joining.  (P.S. for bloggers:  if you publish a money saving/couponing type blog they have an affiliate program.  You can find the link for the information at the top of the home page and if you sign up I'd love for you to say I sent you as they offer a referral bonus).

And if you'd liked to see four extreme couponers work their magic, mark your calendars to watch The Learning Channel on December 29.  You can check out all the Simply CVS Off Topic $aturday Posts for more  money saving/earning opportunities.


Anonymous said...

After reading the description I am excited to see the show but I am also concerned that this will give couponers a bad rap. I mean who needs 1000 boxes of cereal, common that's hoarding. Don't get me wrong, I have a large stockpile of items we use but there is a line that it sounds like these people are crossing between stockpiling and hoarding. I hope that the show will show normal people who use coupons to help supplement their families lives not crazy people who go overboard and make couponers get a bad rap. I look forward to seeing the show to see how exactly they are addressing these issues. Believe me I do believe in Extreme Couponing, in fact my husband said last night how lucky we are because they are really helping us not only on groceries but many other things.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

I agree, they can either way with this. Here is a quote from Nathan Engles about it
"If you are curious, we donated ALL of the cereal to various organizations! We are excited that TLC is going to show the giving side of couponing!"

So hopefully they do indeed point out that most extreme couponers donate large quantities of what they get. But with the emphasis on reality shows today and extremes it is hard to tell how they will portray it.

JRFrugalMom and Family said...

I agree with the both of you. Lets hope they don't take extreme couponing to the extreme:)

Anonymous said...

I've seen this guy on a news show (Dateline or something like that). I thought he was extreme until I read an article he wrote on WUC about giving back. He and his wife apparently give away items equal to as much as their annual salaries.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

I've not seen him, just am familiar with WUC. I know that TLC asked him to do the most extreme shopping he possibly could. I think the shows want them to be over the top for "shock and awe" affect. I'll be interested to see how they come across thru the editing. He said he told them about donating and I think they actually filmed him donating $6000 worth of stuff, but who knows how he will be portrayed.