Monday, December 20, 2010

CVS Shopper Personalities ~ #5 The Crazy CVSer

We have met Casual CVSer, Carry Over CVSer, Continual CVSer and Committed CVSer.  The fifth CVSer personality type is what I like to call the Crazy CVSer.  If you are new to CVSing I recommend starting as a Casual CVSer to become familiar with the basics of CVS deals shopping
and move on from there as you feel comfortable. 

Ladies & Gents, meet the pro!  Crazy CVSers get it all.  They are so dedicated and organized they literally get thousands and thousands of dollars worth of merchandise for pennies on the dollar each year at CVS.  They actually “make money” at CVS by combining extra buck deals and sales with CVS & manufacturer coupons on items to increase their extra buck spending power.   At times it is possible to “make money” at some of the other levels, but it is part of Crazy CVSers’ strategy.

They provide all of their family needs and beyond.  They share with friends, family, and strangers.  Many sell items they earn by couponing at yard sales, flea markets, to friends, to family, to co-workers, on ebay, and beyond.  They always have enough on hand for whipping up a gift basket for any occasion.

My choosing to call them Crazy CVSers is a compliment.  They are Crazy about CVS shopping and have made it into an art.
Crazy CVSer basically takes the Committed CVSer road just a step farther.
  • Some of steps can be added to any of the other CVS shoppers’ routines, but Crazy CVSer will most likely do them all.
  • Things they add to Committed CVSers’ routine include:
    • clip all coupons from weekly inserts and file them usually in a binder with baseball type inserts (such as the Coupon Clutch)
    • are always on the look out for coupon displays while shopping
    • keep an eye on printable coupons offered online for products they expect to be a deal at CVS in the future
    • contact companies requesting coupons (often for a product they know will soon be an extra buck deal)
    • find online trading forums to trade coupons (Such as We Use Coupons Trading Forum)
    • “purchase” coupons from clipping services (selling coupons is illegal, but you can charge for finding, clipping, sorting and sending coupons to others)
    • visit online chat boards about CVSing to see what deals other Crazy CVSers are getting (Hot Coupon World and We Use Coupons are two I frequent)
    • check an online coupon data base when necessary to check for printables or coupons available they may not have
    • carry their binder with all their coupons of products CVS sells with them so if they find a clearance item they can possibly get it free with a matched coupon (such as the Coupon Clutch)
    • never pass up a deal that will increase their extra bucks no matter how bizarre the item might be
    • shop as many different CVS stores as necessary to get all the deals
    • master the art of using rain checks to the best advantage
  • If you’re ready for a little Crazy CVSing go for it.  And stop by Simply CVS from time to time and share your latest shopping trip details.
So, that’s the last of our five CVS deal shopping personalities.  Which one are you?  Are you content where you are at or would you like to spend the time to move up to another level?

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Ashley M. said...

OH CRAP! You know me! lol

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

LOL, Ashley!!! You thought you were getting away with it :-). I bet you save a ton!!

Liz said...

That's what I want to be. I noticed that I would walk every aisle in the grocery store just to make sure to get a peelie coupon, just in case.

Anonymous said...

I HATE when people peel the peelie but don't buy the item!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Agreed, Anon, I feel it is there for that product.