Tuesday, December 14, 2010

CVS Decorates Our Home for Christmas

Thanks to Sarah for sharing this shot from
her blog, Sarah's Scribblings.
I see CVS around the house all year long but it is neat to see the decorations come out each Christmas that were purchased for free at CVS with extra bucks we had built up.  For the past few years Sarah has gotten her sister the 12 set village from CVS.  She sets this up now each year on top of our refrigerator.  The lights
she also purchased a few years back on clearance with extra bucks.  You can see above the cupboards garland and lights also from CVS clearance (the ribbon is from the dollar store clearance).

My other daughter, Elizabeth, is the expert gift wrapper.  She buys tissue paper, wrapping paper, bags, ribbons and small ornaments each year after Christmas to decorate the packages as festively as the house is decorated.  Many of these she has picked up at CVS--especially the tiny ornaments that she ties from the ribbon ends.

Do you have any CVS provided decorations this holiday season?  Have you purchased any this year?


Julie said...

I don't have any from CVS and I haven't purchased any decorations this year. I do plan on buying some after Christmas though. :) Hoping CVS has some great sales after Christmas!! :)

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

I really like it if we can build our extra bucks up before the after Christmas sales. There should be some good clearances, Julie, if you get there before it is cleared out. Our store always gets wiped out fast.

Julie said...

:) I hope I will have some ecb's saved up so I can get some things. I hope I can get there before it is wiped out. I know clearance stuff goes quick most of the time.