Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to Find Coupons to Match-up to Weekly CVS Deals

I share coupon match-ups for weekly CVS ad deals on extra buck items, groceries, household supplies, dollar or less items, and buy one get one free items here at Simply CVS each week. Time does not currently permit me to do the health & beauty items, also. I do the categories I think will benefit the most readers. But there are so many great deals on these other items and those of you not familiar with all the couponing sites online may
not know how to find out what current coupons are available for these. I will share how I do the match-ups each week for those of you who may wonder how to find coupons.

First I make my list of deals. I look over the printable coupons at the top three coupon services: Coupons, RedPlum and SmartSource. It is my understanding that Cool Savings "Print Free Grocery Coupons Click Here"  offers the same coupons as SmartSource, so if you want extra ones you can go there.

I also need to find any current coupons from recent Sunday inserts. I always encourage readers to save the complete insert they receive each Sunday and to write the date on the cover. Then when a deal comes up for something and there has been a recent coupon it will be easy to retrieve it, if you know how to find out which insert it will be in. The next step is finding out which current deals you are interested in has a coupon available in one of the inserts. I use an online coupon data base to do this. My favorites are We Use Coupons and Hot Coupon World. These are kept up by members of these sites. You simply enter the product you want a coupon for and any current coupon available that has been entered will show up--including ones received in the mail, printables, found in stores or on products. I only include the printables and insert coupons here because that is what the majority of readers have access to.

Finally, I look over the preview of the coupon inserts coming out the Sunday of the ad.  You can visit the Sunday Coupon Previews website each Thursday for the next Sunday's coupons.

For my personal shopping list, I will also often check the manufacturer websites in case there are some not listed in the databases, but again, I do not currently have time to do this for all the match-ups I do here.

I hope this will help you find more savings for the CVS weekly ad deals that I do not match-up for you.

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