Monday, October 4, 2010

Gift Baskets Created from CVS Shopping

Snack Basket by Dee
Making gift baskets out of free or nearly free items purchased at CVS can help stretch the budget and allow the CVSer to give a gift worth much more with little out of pocket cash.  We purchase cellophane, ribbon and Easter basket filler on clearance at CVS, often with extra bucks, to have on hand for putting together gift baskets.  We have also purchased Easter baskets on clearance, or free after extra bucks.  They make for great baby baskets and we have clipped off the handles and used
them for adults if a color scheme worked.

With Christmas hiding just around the corner I decided now was a good time to share about gift giving thru CVSing.

We have made "his & her" beauty/hygiene baskets for wedding showers, "spa in a basket" gifts for people recovering from surgery, household supplies baskets, baby baskets, beauty baskets, huge baskets with his/her and household supplies for weddings, housewarming baskets (Glade items are great for these), snack baskets.  Once we had a training program for children's workers at church and we made about a dozen gift bags of various sorts for door prizes.  Office gift exchanges can be a good place to share from your stockpile--you may know the person's likes and be able to find some of the things they like right in your stock.  I find it takes off the pressure of the need for an unexpected gift, too.

I pick up what I can with the extra buck deals or on clearance and then when I need a gift I can go to my stock and create a gift.  Baskets can be found at dollar stores or I have read of people getting them at thrift stores or garage sales, cleaning them well and often spray painting them.  We keep our eyes open year round for clearance baskets, cellophane, etc. for the presentation of the gift.

Oh, I have also read of couponers donating baskets for benefit auctions or bazaars.  There are just so many ways to use the benefits of CVSing!

Dee, a Simply CVS reader, sent these pictures of baskets she recently made.  Thanks for sharing them, Dee.


Anonymous said...

great idea!

Jesicca said...

This is beautiful. I havent shopped much so I only have 1 basket. :)