Monday, October 18, 2010

An Explanation of How the $/$$ CVS Coupons May Be Issued

I have read of many CVS shoppers receiving numerous dollar off total transaction dollar amount coupons ($/$$'s, like $4/$20) and some of us receiving nothing.  Many receive them in emails, and some of us receive nothing.  I was looking thru a discussion on Hot Coupon World and found this posted by SeedLady:

1. nothing
2. email
3. scanner
4. direct mail

as far as i can tell, from talk with corp, cs, and a district manager, those are the 4 things we get, and the list changes every quarter. so, whatever you are getting now, you will get till the 15th of dec, when the quarter changes.

So if you, like myself, never get these fantastic coupons, maybe our time will come :-).  I'm on the nothing list for sure!


Anonymous said...

one of my cards get the $4/$20 ALL the time(2-4 times a week)and the other NEVER gets any good scanner Q
Hope the comment about getting till mid december holds true......
love the $/$$

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Wow, that's great on your one card. Maybe in Dec it will switch with your other card and you'll still get them.

Lisa said...

I have a card that gets very few coupons, but it's my new one. On my old one I seem to get a 5/25 at every register transaction. My theory is that I used to be a "big spender" at CVS with my old card, before learning the "Simply CVS" way. I got a new card that I've never done anything but the Simply CVS way and that's the card that barely gets my coupons or $/$$. The computer probably doesn't waste time on us small spenders! I get such a kick out of seeing on my receipts that my savings are greater than my expenditures.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Well, Lisa, sounds plausible (and I love "the Simply CVS way" comment). But, I have an older card that I never use but I scan it most weeks. Nothing. My daughter, Sarah, is the best of CVSers and she gets them. So I don't know. I thought maybe it was age at one time because both my daughters got them and none of us older people did. Now only one daughter gets them--but it is the younger one. Anyways, bummer you don't get them on your new one. It is fun to look at those receipts :-)!!