Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Does CVS Take Competitors' Coupons?

Some retail stores accept competitors' coupons or match their flyer sale prices.  CVS does not do this across the board, but individual stores have the option of choosing to meet the competitors' price and accept their coupons.  My local CVS does not, and I have never shopped in one that does; but I have read of others who have CVS stores that do.  A Simply CVS reader left the following comment this morning which reminded me of this and prompted me to share with you all:
"Just throwing this out there - has everyone asked their CVS if they take competitor's coupons? We have Rite Aid here and my CVS takes their coupons (although the CVS by my job does not so it seems to be up to the individual store). Fortunately, Rite Aid almost always has a $5/$25 coupon so I use them on virtually every trip."  So you may want to ask your local store.

Thanks, SuzyQpon, for the reminder!

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Judy said...

My closest CVS will take Walgreens coupons and price match their ads. They also take expired ECB's and they take expired coupons used with a rain check if the coupon was good when the rain check was issued. Be sure to ask!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Wow, Judy! That makes for a lot of added savings. Thanks for sharing.