Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My CVS Shopping Trip for the AD Week of 9/5 ~ Saved $87.02 Spent $1.18

I really didn't get much variety or many necessary items in the CVS deals this week, but but I still picked up some things I needed and got a lot of things to share.  Sobe was B1G1 again this week and I had quite a few coupons from the Heads or Tails game so I ordered some cases last week in preparation. I had two of the $2/10 nuts, snacks or sugar free items from the 50 Million Pound Challenge booklet so I used them on two of the orders of Sobe that were sugar
free and then I got a $3/10 food purchase coupon at the scanner so I used that on the last order.  Since the Sobe limit was 6 B1G1 deals I had to do three orders. I had ordered 4 cases and since I got a $3/10 food coupon for my mom's card I used one case of the Sobe with hers in order for her to be able to get $3 free food.  So here is what I got and how I paid.

Totals for all three orders:

Saved:  $87.02
Spent:  $1.18 (I pay with Gift Cards earned online or with prescription purchases)
Extra Bucks Used:  $2.00
Extra Bucks Earned:  $.99

Transaction #1 (saved $41.96/paid $.06:

I used a $3/10 Food Purchase on the following:

12 -- Sobe @ $1.59 B1G1  [used 6 B1G1 printable coupons]
1 -- 3 Musketeers King Size @ $1 [used a $.75/1 scanner coupon - I had gone in the hole on my total so threw this in]
1 -- Air Wick I-Motion Starter Kit @ $4.99 [used a $4 manufacturer coupon]
2 -- Stride Shift Gum @ $.99 each get $.99 ECB's limit 1 [used a B1G1 free manufacturer coupon]
2 -- Ritz Peanut Butter snack crackers @ 2/$.79 (for my daughter's upcoming traveling)
1 -- Aquaglobes @ $2.99 [used a $3/1 As Seen On Tv scanner coupon]
5 -- Digital prints @ $1.45 [used a free 5 prints CVS coupon--this was advertised in the ad a few weeks ago to ask for one whenever you print photos so my daughter has gotten quite a few of these]
2 -- Salted Peanuts @ $.50 each (another snack for my daughters' trip)

Transaction #2 (saved $22.53/spent $.44):

I used a $2/10 CVS coupon for dried fruit, nuts or sugar free items on the following:

12 -- Sobes B1G1 [used 6 B1G1 printables]
2 -- Ritz cracker snacks @ 2/$.79
2 -- Salted Peanuts @ $.50/ea
5 -- Photos [used $1.45 free 5 photo coupons as stated above]

Transaction #3 (saved $22.53/spent $.68)

12 -- Sobes B1G1 [used 6 B1G1 printables]
1 -- CVS Pistachios $.99
1 -- Dove Travel Deodorant $1 (for my daughter's trip)
5 -- Photos [used $1.45 free 5 photo coupons as stated above]

It was nice to have the CVS coupons to use on the Sobe to help pay for the nuts, crackers and deodorant my daughters had my list to pick them up for their trip.

I'd love to hear what you got this week. If you have a blog post about it, please link it up.  If not, you can leave a comment letting us know.

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Anonymous said...

I had a great CVS trip too.
I bought:
1-gal milk -$1.Q
2-wisk det.(bogo)-2/$3.Q
2-raisin bran cereal -$1.Q
2-sobe(bogo) -bogo Q
1-scott paper towel -$1.Q

I used a
Paid .36 oop
gotta love CVS

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

That is a great trip! I love to get food and household stuff.

Sara K said...

I had a great trip this week too. With a little one in diapers, I can't pass up the ECB on diapers. I bought the following all in one transaction.

1 box Huggies
1 Huggies wipes
2 J&J Lotion
2 Trident gum
6 Sobe
2 Lindsay Olives
1 CVS Cough Drops
2 Kelloggs Fruit Loops

Coupons used:
$4/20 purchase
$3/10 grocery purchase
$4 off when you buy Huggies diapers and wipes
3 B1G1 Sobe
$3 Huggies Snug & Dry
$1/2 Lindsay Olives
$1/2 Trident
2 $1 J&J Baby Lotion
$1.50/2 Kelloggs
6.99 ecb
5.00 ecb

OOP $7.52
SAved $58.61

Earned $10 ecb from huggies and $1 ecb from Trident

I could have used $5 more ecb, but I only like to use as much as I will earn back. And I would have paid that much for the diapers alone, so I counted this trip a success and the cashier was so nice about all the coupons. She was talking about how she used to use them when her kids were little, but needs to get a printer so she can start doing it again. Great when you can build a relationship with the CVS staff. They're great.

Thanks for letting me share!

Sara K.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip, Sara. I, too, usually try to not use more of my extra bucks than I get back, but if I get them built up then I do as long as I don't go under $20 on hand. I feel broke if I get too low. lol It is great to get to know the staff. I often give them things or coupons to use. Thanks so much for sharing what you got.

Liza said...

I have been following your blog for months now and I am a fan. One question.. I saw you got the air wick this week for 99 cents only. I try to get one but the coupon that I have said Ultra (the big one) and the store only have the one that you have... So we can use this coupon or there was another coupon for it? thanks...

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Good question, Liza. I am not sure. I thought there were two out--one for the larger one and one for this one. I thought it was for this one, but now that I don't have it to look at I can't say for sure. I will at least go look at the insert I took it out of--I know there were other coupons with it--and see if there is still a larger one in there and comment again.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Okay, I am looking at the 8/29 smartsource insert and there is only one $4 one which I cut out and don't have to look at. But looking up on the data base at Hot Coupon World, there is a "compact" one for $4 in that insert and a "compact" and an "ultra" for $4 in the 8/8 smartsource insert. I remember now my daughter used the one $4 for the compact on this a few weeks ago. So if you have these inserts check and see if there isn't one for the compact in each.

Anonymous said...

With the Sobe's, the ad says "limit 6", I interpreted that to mean literally 6 bottles. Do all stores think of this as being "6 deals" , which would be 12 bottles like you got? The store I went to today, I bought 12, but had to do it in 2 separate transactions.

Honey's Spot said...

Hi I have a question about trans #2. i thought when you got those you had to buy $10 in nuts ect to get the $2 off? Is this just any $10? or is it because the $2 was in nuts?

JRFrugalMom and Family said...

I'm so excited to see that you started your linky Cheryl! I'm going to add it to my savings linky list at Frugality Is Free.

JRFrugalMom and Family said...

BTW is there anyway that you could add a tag like CVS Savings Linky or anything similar to your label? Or...will it be under my shopping bag every time?

This way I can just link up the label, and anyone who clicks on the link will get directly to the newest CVS link up.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

The limits on none extra bucks items is very confusing to everyone. Many cashiers/managers think it is items, but the register will ring up the sale price on B1G1 per "deals." In this case the 6 is equal to 12 bottles.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Yes, Crystal, the total has to be $10--nuts,dried fruit OR sugar free item. The case of Sobe in the two transactions I used that coupon in were sugar free--I needed one of the nuts to bring the total to $10 with the sale price of the Sobe. Thanks for asking--I try to use all coupons in the way they are intended and do not want to give any indication that I am not.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

FrugalMom, yes, it will always be under my shopping bag.

Lori Carey said...

Never found the Aqua Globes to use my $3 off coupon.

Did run into a problem today using the Sobe coupons. Cashier @ 1 store was pushing them through at 1.79, and cashier at store today noticed coupon said $1.69 max. I never noticed it before. I ended up paying 5¢ a bottle or so for the 6 I "bought" - and then the others were truly free. A little annoying, but better than 1.79 each!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Lori, some people reported their globes were clearanced earlier so yours may have been. Our sobe is $1.59 so I didn't have that problem, but I have on other B1G1 free items with coupons--it is annoying. Just a few more days to play the Sobe game:-).

Liza said...

Hello. I was the one who asked about the $4 coupon for the Imotion and I was so happy to found 3 $4 coupon for compact. Bought 3 of those and 6 sobe plus use a coupon for $4/20 and it made my day. Thank you so much for the hard work..... =)

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Oh, Liza, how exciting!! Those $4/20's really help out and are so much fun. Your $ amount saved must have looked great on your receipt.

Happy Homemaker And Momma said...

Awesome!!! I am so linking your party here-would you mind linking to mine?

If you use coupons and have some great deals and you are just so excited that you want to share and spread the word; hop on over to celebrate You Paid What?! Linky party!!!!! at


Even if you didn't use coupons-but you have a great clearance sale or a sale in general-that is great too!!! Share your deal-I want to see them!!! And I am sure other's would appreciate the encouragement that there are good deals out there even in these hard times.

It should be fun to see what each and every one of you have done to save money!! Have a great week and go save some Mooolah!!!

JRFrugalMom and Family said...

What a great way to use the Sugar Free coupons Cheryl.

Thank you for participating in last week’s Weekly Savings Linky, come link up again at the Weekly Savings Linky @ Frugality Is Free , it’s a great place to connect with other frugalistas. Did you become the Top Frugalista of the week?