Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hints for Printing Coupons at "Coupons"

The ability to print coupons online for shopping at CVS adds great savings to the already great CVS deals.  There are several ways to get printables.  My favorite is because they offer hundreds of high quality coupons each month or a large variety of products. Currently there are 210 available for my zip code.  The first of each  month the coupons are
updated and reset--so if you printed a great coupon one month, chances are it may be "reset" at the beginning of the next month and you will be able to print it again.  They also upload a few others now and again throughout the month, so I try to check back each week before I shop, just in case a new one I need has been added.

There are categories along the left side that you can choose from to make searching easier. Some of the categories are foods, health care, household, personal care and pet care.  If you click on a category the coupons for that category will be brought to the first pages with all others following.  So if you need to run out and get your cat some treats, you can see if there is a coupon for it.  One hint:  diapers are listed under household (I thought that odd so thought I’d warn you).

You can almost always print two coupons per computer.  Go thru and check which coupons you want and click print.  After they are sent to the printer a new screen will come up with a "coupons" tab at the top.  Clicking this will take you back to the pages of coupons to click again. Usually the ones you just printed will be moved to the last page or two--makes it easy to find them without scrolling thru all the pages again.  Once you reach the limit of prints it will show "print limit reached."  Hot coupons reach their total print limit quickly sometimes so if you see something you may want, print it when you see it.

You can always find the banner to take you to here at Simply CVS in a side bar.  Seeing it may help you, like myself, remember to check once in a while throughout the month for new coupons.

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