Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I Did With My CVS Purchases for the Week of 8/22

Two items not pictured.*
My CVS purchases for the week of 8/22 have found homes.  I am often asked what I do with all the stuff I get at CVS--since we can't possibly use it all ourselves.  I decided to share each week what I do with the CVS deals I get.  I have various boxes for donations (one for each regular place and then extra to save as collections come up), Christmas, miscellaneous gifts, and personal stockpile and each week the items go in one--unless it is an immediate need of my family or my mom or I leave it in the bag and take it
to church Sunday morning for the food pantry.

The miscellaneous gift box comes in handy for unexpected gift needs or we really enjoy making baskets for wedding gifts or bags for wedding shower gifts.  For a wedding we have used large baskets and filled one side with "his" items, one with "hers, and the center with household.  We can make enormous baskets (received as fruit baskets at Christmas--we usually get one or two each year that are very large) fill it with shredded paper (from CVS clearance) and wrap it in cellophane (from CVS clearance) that's filled with hundreds of dollars of items that we paid only tax or less for.  For showers we have made his and her gift bags full of name brand hygiene/beauty items.  It has also been nice when someone is hospitalized or going thru chemo or some other treatments to make up pampering bags for them.  Once we were able to design a "tropical spa in a bag" for a friend who had back surgery--there were snacks and pampering items for while she couldn't get in the shower/tub and then some for when she was finally allowed the desired bubble bath.  We even included a pair of flip-flops from CVS clearance that matched the color scheme.  With CVSing we are able to do far more than we ever could and can easily say "expense is no object."

My purchases for the week of 8/22:
  • 1 - Frutopia Shampoo
    • Christmas box for my daughter (she loves this kind)
  • 2 - Glade Sense and Spray* 
    • Gift box (I cannot use any kind of scents in the house so I collect Glade things for gifts)
  • 1 - Crest Pro Health Rinse* 
    • Miscellaneous donation box--possibly medical ministry
  • 1 - Crest Pro Health Floss 
    • personal stockpile
  • 1 - Blink Tears 
    • Overseas medical ministry box 
  • 2 - Caliber Rulers  
    • Children's home box or Operation Christmas Child (if my shoe box is long enough)
This week my miscellaneous stockpile box came in handy.  The seniors at our church will be taking a trip to a depressed area of the Appalachian Mountains soon and are making hygiene/gift bags to give out.  I looked over the list they had and was able to find a few dozen of some of the items they needed.
    Have you found that you have extras for sharing and gifting?


    SuzyQpon said...

    I share with my sister-in-law when I get a good deal on something I know they need - I just gave her 4 bottles of Pantene for my niece that I got for free! And I was able to put together a HUGE Easter basket for a friend of mine whose husband was laid off this past year (she was visiting over Easter). I filled it with loads of nice samples, razors, candy, etc. She and her husband loved it and I literally spent just a couple of dollars on it. We also had friends who got married and asked for donations in leiu of gifts (since they were combining households and already had too much). My husband and I donated over $150 worth of pet products to the SPCA in their honor - I spent less than $10 for all. We loaded everything in front of the SPCA's sign and took a picture which we then put in a nice photo frame and wrapped. Big hit! We also donate to A Grace Place (it's a day center for adults with mental and/or physical disabilities). They have full showers there (frequent toileting issues) and I am able to donate soap, shampoo, etc. that I get for free. I also give them items that the members win playing Bingo. You would never think a free bottle of good smelling shampoo would make someone's day but they get so excited!!! Sorry I rambled but I love being able to share my freebies!

    Nonna said...

    At our church, our Relief Society women donate to a local battered women/family shelter. A few of us who do coupon shopping are able to donate many personal hygiene items as well as laundry detergent, fabric softener, diapers, wipes etc. The shelter is always so grateful and overwhelmed with the carload of items we bring to fill their shelves and it adds an extra dimension to back to our community the blessings we have reaped !

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    How fun, Suzy! The Easter basket is a great idea!! I really like the pet donation wedding present idea--always looking for new ideas. We have an adult daycare here, too, and we have taken stuff there, including the blood monitors we get. Thanks for rambling--I love to read what others are giving.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Nonna, I can just imagine the first time you all pulled up with a carload of stuff--they must have been in shock. It is a blessing to pass it on and so cool that couponing can allow us to give so much more than we could otherwise--giving the time to do it instead of money.

    JRFrugalMom and Family said...

    That is really great that you do this Cheryl! I have done gift bags in the past, but most of our family here moved away, so I have not done them in a while.

    I give some items to a lady on Freecycle who organizes gift bags for elderly at homes.

    A few months ago my sister-in-law was sending a huge barrel down to her sister in Jamaica, as they have a hard time surviving on what they earn. I threw in several bags of beauty items, school supplies, cleaning supplies, baby stuff and more, and it was so great to be able to do this without having to go out and spend the $400 plus, it would otherwise have cost us.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    FrugalMom, those are great opportunities. A neat idea from the lady at Freecycle and I imagine tose in Jamaica were thrilled with the things. It is neat to not have to go out and spend the money but still be able to give--and more than possible if we had to spend the money and also almost always a higher quality than we would be able to purchase.