Monday, August 30, 2010

Simply CVS ~ CVS Deals Disclaimer

Simply CVSSaving money by shopping at CVS can be complicated.  There are hundreds of sales items which can be matched with thousands of coupons each week to create great CVS deals and it would be virtually impossible for me to bring every one of these to you.  Even if I searched 24/7 for the information I'd most likely miss something or the information may not be where I can find it.  I wanted to write this disclaimer to
let you know how I find the deals and what may go wrong or be missing.  I don't know if anyone ever knows 100% of the deals available, but I will try to bring you the largest percentage humanly possible in the time I have.

I have been shopping CVS for several years.  To find the deals each week I'd search the internet, especially couponing boards, and found I needed to check each day on various sites to see what others were finding throughout the week. I knew a lot of people do not have the time to do this and I decided thru Simply CVS others could find all this information in one place.  I do the searching and you all do the shopping.

I do not physically get the CVS ads early so I have to find them online to be able to share them with you as is true with the list of the extra buck deals.  There are great people across the country who will share these as soon as they find them.  Because I want to get them to you as early as possible I use what I find.  Sometimes the ad scans may not be the clearest, but I appreciate that the person shared with us and that the sites allow me to copy them and share them with you and though we may not always be able to see the details, we can get an idea of the overall sales.

The extra buck deal type-ups are a time consuming task in themselves let alone matching the coupons.  To bring these to you early I can only share what coupons are available at that time (usually 10 days before the sale).  It is my practice to go in on Fridays and update these, but once in a while life can happen and I may not be able to do that.  I am going to try and remember to add "Updated" to the title when I do this so you know that the latest coupons have been added.

To do the coupon match-ups I find them in coupon data bases maintained on couponing boards by members, the upcoming Sunday insert coupon previews, and looking over the, RedPlum and SmartSource sites to see if there are any matches.  Sometimes the details are sketchy and I don't know if the coupon matches for sure but want to bring it to you in case it does. I also read thru the CVS forums throughout the week in case someone mentions a printable or another coupon they find that is not listed.

And on top of all of this can be human error--that of others and myself.  We may misread a deal or a coupon or even make a typographical error or forget a detail.  Below are a few more possible problems and some things you can do to help ensure a smoother experience at the store.
  • Check your ad to verify details.
  • The ad I am able to show may differ from yours slightly.  Be sure to check it closely for the deals you plan on doing.  Once in a while CVS will have regional ads very different from the rest of the country, but usually they are almost identical. 
  • Read the details on the coupons to be sure they match the product (I do not have all of them to look at).
  • Coupon values may vary from region to region, but they are at least usually in the larger papers across the country.  So if you see I have a $.75/1 coupon listed and yours is a $1/2 don't be surprised.
  • Clearance prices vary from store to store--they don't all go 50%, etc. at the same time so check your prices.
  • When an ad has a "prices starting at" (psa) they are often lower than what you can find in the store, but when the deals are typed up these prices are usually included--you need to check the prices at your own store.  My store seems to have higher prices than I see a lot of shoppers paying.
  • When there are limits in the ad (other than extra buck items) they are not in the system per card, but per transaction.  If it says limit 4 you can check out 4 each transaction, but each store may limit them per customer if they choose to.  Also, when typing up the lists I  may miss some of these, so always check your copy of the ad when you get it to varify.
  • Most extra buck deals are across country, but once in a while there are regional ones.  Check your ad to see if you have anything that was not in the ad I have the type up from.
  • Look thru your most recent Sunday inserts before you shop to be sure I was able to include all the new ones in the posts (usually they will be there, but since they vary by region you may get something I did not have access to and if for some reason I can't update after I get them you will have a second chance to get them).
  • Printable coupons almost always have a national print limit, so when you see a coupon you want print it right away for the best chance at getting it.  Also, that is why sometimes you will go to print a coupon I have listed and it will no longer be available.

As I try to remind readers often, CVSing can be frustrating, but overall it is an amazing experience.  To find more help in understanding the process check out the CVS PoliciesTermsCVS tips, CVS 101 for beginners, five levels of CVS shopping and CVS lesson posts (you can find these links anytime in the bars under the Simply CVS banner).

And thank you all for joining me at Simply CVS and for letting me know if you see an error in the posts or know of a deal or coupon I do not have listed.

Simply CVS is in no way associated with CVS/pharmacy, nor receives any compensation or endorsement from them.

Disclosure: Links in this post may be Simply CVS affiliate partners or personal referrals.


Anonymous said...

I have seen fee-based subscription lists that aren't nearly as thorough or accurate!

Blurry ad scans are painful to view, but it doesn't matter because someone usually takes the time to type the entire ad, or at least the highlights.

I appreciate the helpful attitude and effort here. (I'm always shocked to see how many bloggers simply cut and paste their content from others.)

Anonymous said...

your blog is great! thanks for sharing your CVS talents!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Thanks to both of you Anonymous commenters, I appreciate you taking the time to let me know your thoughts and the encouragement is super appreciated, too.

And I truly do want to help others save, that's why I am here. And when I know, thru comments or emails, that others are being helped it encourages me to carry on.

Thanks again for chiming in.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for all you do.I'm sure this can sometimes feel like a thankless job. I know the time I spend just reading each blog and making my list, clipping,
time consuming..
Keep up the good work. We all love a great deal.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

You are welcome, Anonymous, and thanks for commenting and letting me know. I need that encouragement from time to time to know there are indeed people benefiting from the time spent.

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for all your hard work. In the few short weeks I've been shopping CVS, I've been able to contribute to a co-worker's son who is serving in Afghanistan and to another co-worker who is a single mom going thru a difficult time. All because I've stocked my closet from the deals I've got from CVS. Thanks so much - you are such a blessing to my family.


Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

How exciting, Lisa, I love to hear of things like that. Last Christmas we sent several stockings to soldiers serving in Afghanistan and 90% of what we put in came from CVS. Thanks so much for letting me know, it makes all my work worthwhile.

KNS Financial said...

This site has been so helpful to my wife and I. We have saved hundreds of dollars in the past 2 months through CVS. Your efforts are much appreciated! Because of you, we are able to save so much, that I write about my weekly shopping trips on my website!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great, KNS, thanks for letting me know. I'd love for you to share with others on your site about Simply CVS so more shoppers can save and share.

Temilyn said...

Just wanted to say Thank You for all you do!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Thank YOU, Temilyn, that means a lot.