Monday, August 16, 2010

CVS Shopping for Donations ~ Week of 8/16

CVS deals help me have plenty for my family and enough to share.  Sometimes there are items we don't use and I get if I can get them free and then find a place to donate them to--sometimes it can be a challenge.  There are
some places we donate to regularly and I keep my eye open for deals I can get for them.

One of these that my daughter and I are starting to fill a box for is Wears Valley Ranch in Tennessee.  It is a home for troubled kids or kids in trouble situations that need to be removed for their safety and there is no place in the system for them to go.  They have actual houses with house parents--I believe two for boys and two for girls--and make it very home-like.  They also provide a private school.  It is in an amazingly beautiful, country setting and the children can enjoy the great outdoors, horseback riding, animal husbandry and gardening.  The children range in age from 6 to 18 so you can imagine all the items we can include in a box--everything you and I need in our home and for our children is need there.  So many of the items I got today will go in the box and since all I get at CVS is virtually free all I have to do is pay for shipping.

Here is my list:

  • 6--Sobes
  • 4--Tasters Choice Instant Coffees Individual Servings (food pantry)
  • 4--Right Guard Deodorant
  • 2--School Glues
  • 4--Notebooks
  • 1--Blink Tears
  • 2--Emerald nuts

Do you use your CVS shopping for donations, too?  I'd love to hear about it.  If you blog about it, Spectacular Savings and Southern Illinois Savings each has a linky you can add your donation posts to and also they are having a $10 Target gift card giveaway for encouraging donations. All you have to do to enter is to let them know what you donated--you don't have to blog about it.


Amber@SI Money Savers said...

Such a great job!! I haven't been to Walgreens, CVS or Target in so long I don't know what I will do when I get to head back there next week. (probably buy too much!)

Can't wait to get back into the swing of bargain hunting and donation buying!

Amber@ SI Money Savers said...

Hi Cheryl, I have finally gotten my Shop to Give linky up. I would love if you would stop by and link up.

Looks like you had another great week! At this point I haven't been to CVS in a month in a half....Uggh! Almost time to start hitting all the stores again. :)


Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Will do, Amber, and I will ad the link to the post--since you didn't have it up I didn't put it on this week's post.

Laura said...

I love being able to give FREE stuff away! My church has an ongoing food drive that I put food in on a regular basis. A friend of my stepson's family is going through some really tough times so I'm able to help them out with some free items without breaking my bank too!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

It seems even more special, Laura, when it is a closer connection like that. Seems more real. Once I had an overabundance of hygiene items so I threw them in the church food pantry collection. The gal who hands out the food had no idea who gave it and one day soon after she was raving to my girls how excited she was because someone gave all those supplies and she could give each family a small bag of those along with the food--they got a kick out of and didn't tell her it was us.