Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CVS Extra Buck Deals That Seem to Be Repeated ~ How to Tell If it is a New Deal

I have been asked several times about CVS extra buck deals that are repeated in ads more than once a month.  For instance, recently the Schick Hydro Razor was in more than one ad.  Is it a monthly deal with a limit of one, or two different deals with a limit of one each?  There are two ways to check.

First, each extra buck deal has its own
"event code" (see photo).  If you have both CVS ads you can compare the code numbers below the deals and see if they match.  If they are the same, it is the same deal, if they are different numbers, they are different deals.  But sometimes the limit is raised the second week.  So if the first week the limit is one and the new week the limit is one, sometimes the limit is raised to two in the system the second week the deal is offered.  How do you know this?  That brings up the second way to check if they are the same deal.

At the bottom of each CVS receipt any current extra buck deals you have taken advantage of will be listed.  It will either show that you have reached the limit or that you can still do the deal.  So if you are not sure if a new deal is a repeat deal and you don't have the ad, you can just check the bottom of your receipt during the week the new deal is offered to see if it says your limit is reached.  This is also the way you can check to see if a deal that is listed in the new sales ad with the same number as a former deal has an increased limit.

There are times when CVS increases extra buck deal limits after the ad is printed and this is how you can find this out, too.  So it is a good idea to look over your receipt after you shop each week.  And it is also fun to watch the year to date savings grow that is shown on the receipt.

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Ida said...

Cheryl, this is so helpful! It never even occurred to me that a repeated deal in the ads could be a monthly deal. So I looked at the numbers carefully in this week's ad and next week's. Looks like I can get free Blink eye drops and a Gillette Fusion razor two weeks in a row. Nice!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great, Ida! There are so many details to keep track of in CVSing. It's hard for me to think of everything to share.

Taika Maris said...

Here's another method:

-Go to CVS.com and register for an account (right side upper corner)
-Sign in if you already have one (right side upper corner)
-Click 'My Account' (right side upper corner)
-Click Go to my ExtraCare account (right side, picture of an ExtraCare Card)
-Click on Current Balances Tab

You'll see a column for the end date of each deal listed. This makes it easy to see it as a monthly, weekly or some other strange time period. The deals that show are only ones that you have purchased. It does not tell you limits or anything so I use my receipt to double check.

The account online also makes it really easy to update your address, phone number & e-mail address.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Thanks, Taika.

m said...

This can be tricky! I did the buy 3 get 4ecb deal on Kellogs cereal at the beginning of January but I bought 4 boxes since I had 2 BOGO coupons. All month my receipt showed I had purchased 4, need to buy 2 more. So Monday I went and bought 2 more but instead of registering on that deal it went towards this weeks AND still showed my original purchase of 4, needs 2. Very confusing. If the limit had been reached it should not have continued all month to give me that info. I called CVS and they said they needed more data, my UPCs, dates, store # etc. Any experience with things like that?

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Wow, M, that is tricky. As to talking to CS about an extra buck not printing, what they usually need is just the register receipt #'s because they can pull up all the info from those.

It is too late now, the deal is over, but I have taken my previous receipt with me that showed what I still needed to buy and showed it to the cashier before I checked out and when they agreed that was correct I would do it, if it didn't print they would print it.

Some of CVS shopping is a breeze, other things can be a real burden.

Oh, and if I get a C.S. rep that I feel isn't understanding what I am trying to say or seems to not be helpful I'll call back and get another rep to talk to.