Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CVS Clearance 101

CVS has some phenomenal clearances at times--often up to 90% off.  You can combine your CVS coupons and manufacturer coupons with these clearances for even better deals.  At times you will find an end cap or a cart full of items with clearance prices, but almost weekly you can find hidden clearance deals right on the shelves.  As you stroll the aisles keep your eyes open for clearance tags.

There seems to be four stages to CVS clearance of regularly stocked items.  There will be a tag that says "get it while it lasts."  This is a warning, or a heads up to us couponers, that this item will soon be clearanced.  Soon after there will be a 25% sign, followed by 50% and 75%.   At times the signs are not up in all stores or there may be a 25% still up when it is indeed at a higher percentage off.  It is best to scan the item if you are paying with extra bucks and figuring your out of pocket closely to be sure the price is what you are expecting.  If you see a report of a clearanced item here at Simply CVS and your store does not have signs up, scan it to see if it is on clearance yet.  It is my understanding that the clearance lists come in on Monday.

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sayheyrenee said...

a huge clerance went on at my store a week before it got a make over

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Ah, that is interesting, sayheyrenee, we will be getting a new store the end of next year--I'll have to keep this in mind, they may do the same thing when they move.