Saturday, July 10, 2010

Switching Over Posts from Future to Current Deals ~ Saturday Nights

I just wanted to let you all know that I try to switch all the current deals to expired deals and future deals to current deals at approximately 9:30 PM eastern time each Saturday night.  I know that may be early for some of you, especially on the west coast, but if you are looking for current deals on a Saturday night check out the expired deals page.  If you are stopping in to check out next week's deals on Saturday night, you will find them in the current deals.  Most CVS stores, if not all, begin Sunday's sales by Saturday night at 6:00.


Cris said...

I have to ask if this is normal... I went to CVS about 10:45 am today and the sobes were ringing 0.77 (tomorrow's price) and I said "I want to get it BOGO" and the cashier and shift supervisor said they had already activated the add and since that's better than bogo (not for me!) that's the price it was showing. I said it wasn't right to not be able to get bogo since the sale is advertised until sat but they just wouldn't do it so I finaly said I wanted a rain check and they gave it to me. I really want to call cvs about it because I felt that it was false advertisement to not be able to get this week's sale's price when it wasn't even half way through sat! Any advise?

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Cris, I have heard from managers that they have been told not to switch over until at least 6:00 pm. That being said, the register will pick up both week's sales but if the same item is on sale it picks "the better price." The manager needed to honor the ad, you are correct. They can easily override the register, just like they will for your b1g1 rain check. CVSing can be very frustrating, especially in the beginning. I would definitely call customer service. They need to know that you are disappointed you couldn't get the sale during the advertised period and also if the store was in the wrong (wrong in if corporate CVS expects managers to override it--which I believe they do) they will want to retrain the store. They often compensate the customer, too, for their bad experience, but not always.

I have found that CVS as a corporation believes in "the customer is always right" in that they seem to always want to please the customer--it just gets lost in the translation in the store at times.

I'd love to hear what they say, and I can share it in a post for future encounters by other readers.

Cris said...

So I called corporate and they called the stop while putting me on hold (I often have problems at that specific store) and said the manager apologized for what happened and said she will explain to them that they should have given me bogo no matter what. After all she just said the manager was there until x time and if I wanted to go get them at bogo she would take care of me. I said it was ok, they gave me a rain check, I just didn't need to go through all that. She advised calling cs from the store any time you have problems (I also mentioned being accused of "reproducing" coupons because they came from a computer and were not original - which they were - at a different store).

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Thanks for the update, Cris. So now we know for sure they are to give you which ever price you want from the two ads when they are both in affect. It can be a hassle at times, but usually each hassle produces new knowledge and information to be passed on when you run into a problem again. Each, bricks or redplum coupon has its own code--something else to point out to show you are not copying when you have a lot. But they are so afraid of coupon fraud that they often assume the worse of couponers.