Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CVS Rain Checks: Great Possibilities for Added Savings

CVS deals depend on sales, extra bucks and coupons.  But what about when you stop by ready for a great deal and the stock is out?  Don't walk away empty handed--ask for a rain check.  CVS offers rain checks for all sale items that are not otherwise noted in the ad as seasonal or limited to stock on hand.  A little over a year ago they changed the rain checks to include a code for the extra buck deal--so even if you have an extra buck deal on your shopping list that you find is out of stock, no problem, you can still get the deal when the store has stock again.  And the number one great thing about them:  they NEVER expire!

This week I had a $5/40 CVS coupon that I wanted to use, but to get up to that $40, keeping the out of pocket cash cost down and still get extra bucks back so as not to deplete my extra buck stash looked grim.  So I pulled out my rain checks (which are getting very few, because I keep using them in this way because the deals have been slim at CVS lately).  I found one that was about a year and a half old for this extra buck deal:

Right Guard or Dry Idea
2/$5 get $3 extra bucks back
Limit 3

A great one!  Loved those older limits--always more than 1.  Anyways, I had seen printables for $3/2 and $1/1 Right Guard and printed some in readiness for my Monday shopping trip.  Then on Sunday there was a coupon for Buy one get one free Right Guard or Dry Idea--even better.  I could combine the $1/1 and the B1G1 on 2 and use two of the $3/2 coupons on the other two sets of two.  This deal became a money maker for me.  Here is my transaction:

5 -- Right Guard
1 -- Dry Idea

All at 2/$5 so $15 total.
Used the following coupons:  2 -- $3/2, 1--$1/1, and 1 B1G1 ($2.50) so $9.50 total.
My subtotal was $5.50 which I paid with extra bucks.
I received a $9 extra buck back.
I "made" $3.50 on the deal (in additional extra bucks--not cash) and also was able to save another $5 on the rest of my order by getting up to $40 and using that $5/40 coupon.

Once I learned the value of rain checks, and to not be anxious to use them, but patiently await great coupons to combine with them, I have been able to save even more while shopping at CVS.

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MsSharkBait said...

Can I get a raincheck on an item that is in stock? Like this week's Kotex or PhotoBook deals?

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

No, if it is in stock you have to get it now. That being said, I asked at my store if I could pay for the photo book and make it later and they said sure. They just gave me a rain check that said "paid" on it and I will make it later. Many shoppers go at the end of the week hoping they will be out of stock so they can get a rain check if for some reason they would rather buy it later, but I have never done that as I don't go near CVS but once a week usually.

Jesicca said...

I asked my store for a rain check for the photo book so that I dont have to print it right now...they didnt do it.:(

I have a question for you through, you said your daughter has a CVS card too..is it better to have it added to your account or have separate accounts. Like my husband has one and so do i, not sure if linking them is a good idea.

what do you say?

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Jessicca, sorry about the photo book. My store is so great--they are game for just about anything and even suggested this last year when the limit was 5.

I would keep them separate--I am not sure how the linked accounts work, but to have separate emails would be best for the coupons I would think, but this is just an opinion, not an informed answer.

Anonymous said...

hello... I have been following your weeks now and as usual still very impressed with the deals you get!!!! Just one quick question, how do you always get the coupon for 5 off out of 40 or similar coupon? I keep scanning my card but I only get cvs coupons for certain items...thanks..

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Hi, Anonymous, glad to know you are around. I have not gotten any from the scanner--these are the ones received in Emails. They usually send them out on Thursday/Fridays good thru Sunday. I shop Monday's and because the manager has gotten to know me and I tend to buy a lot (I do my mom's card, too and my daughter shops with me and does a friend's card, too--so we do 4 times what you see here) they will take my CVS coupons expired up to a week. I knew other stores allowed this so I asked and was told they don't normally do it but we could. I try not to use too many expired, but I will use these on Monday that expire on Sunday.

Anyways, are you signed up for the emails? Check out this post:
http://cvssimply.blogspot.com/2010/05/cvs-email-sign-up-get-420-coupon.html it tells you how. Not everyone gets them or gets the same amount (my daughter keeps getting 5/25's). My oldest daughter doesn't CVS but gets the emails so I actually use her card instead of mine because I don't get them. Hope this helps.

Michelle said...

Thank you for posting this! I've been trying to figure out why I wasn't getting their emails and this did the trick. I just got a $4/20 coupon! Just to let you know, before I got their emails, I got a $3/$15 and $4/$20 at the printer in the store. I wonder if I will still get those or if it will just be email now. Either way, I'm happy to finally get my email to work. Thanks again!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great, Michelle, you may very well get both. Glad you get them at the machine, I never get either, so I actually am using my daughter's because she gets the emails.

Unknown said...

I heard cvs raincheck never expire. Is that true??

Sarah said...

I'm not sure. I try to not use them more than a couple years old at most (assuming with inflation it's not really the same). But, they don't say anything about expiring, so they may not. The codes for ECBs clear out of the system after a time, but they could still be forced..