Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CVS Brand Products: What All is Included?

There have been some $/$$ CVS scanner coupons lately and many are wondering if there are any good CVS deals to be had with these.  It is not usually possible to get a free deal with these, but there are a lot of CVS "brands" that these can be used on and many are often on sale or clearance and good savings can be had.

About a year and a half ago an ad had all CVS exclusive brand products at buy one get one 50% and the advertisement stated there were "over 3000 items
on sale."  I kept this part of the paper so I could refer to it for items I could use these types of coupons on.  Below are pictures I took of it to share and I will list below the brands they list in this ad. Some of these products may no longer even be available, but it gives you a good idea of some of them.  Also, the shampoos to the right have no name on them, but comparing the manufacturing info on the back to that on "Blade" products at CVS I was able to determine it, too, was a CVS product.  I asked the manager to confirm that and she said, yes it was and that there were many of these types of products throughout the store that were not tagged as CVS products.

  • CVS
  • Skin Effects
  • Cristophe
  • Lumene
  • Playskool
  • Nuprin
  • Life Fitness
  • Blade (men's beauty items)
  • Essence of Beauty (bath and skin care and accessories)
  • PreVentin-AT
  • Gold Emblem (food items)
If you know of any others please leave a comment and I will add them to this list.

A Simply CVS reader had posted about this subject back and June and sent me the link to her post on her blog, Markham Penny.  Here are the items she has listed that I did not--she said, like myself, we are not sure if these are all still available.

 Also she had this hint:
"check the UPC code and it should have a small 6 digit number near it and the UPC itself will start with either 50428 or 50128 or something similar...either way that should tell you it's a CVS brand product! Non-CVS brand products do not have the 6 digit numbers near the UPC."  She also has pictures posted of the UPCs if you want to see them.

  • CVS Earth Essentials (Mostly paper items)
  • Fruitopia (Shampoo)
  • Caliber ( School Items)
  • Coastal Choice (Plastic and Cleaning products)
  • Viologie ( Shampoo)
  • Ellin Lavar ( Hair Care)
  • Black Rice ( Skin Care) 
  • 24.7 ( Skin Care)
  • Vickery & Clarke ( Skin Care)
  • Emerald Mist ( Bar Soap and Body Wash)
  • Petcentral ( Pet Items)
  • Surf Club ( Summer Items)
  • Fun in the Sun ( Summer Items)
  • RTH (Round the House)( Small Applanices and Light Bulbs)
  • U Smile ( Dental)
  • Style Essence by Leggs ( Pantyhose)
  • Fuel ( Energy Shots)
  • Sun and Soil (not sure)
  • Advanced Healthcare (various items
  • Absolutely Divine (not sure)
  • Oak Lake (not sure)
  • BioLuxe (hair products)


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jesicca said...

Thanks a lot. Where can I get coupons for. These products?

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

There are very rarely coupons for these, but sometimes the scanner will give you a coupon for one and also the reinventing beauty magazine found for sale at some CVS stores will have them. Sometimes there are printables at But these are the items you can buy with the $2/10 CVS brand product, etc., coupons that the scanner gives.

mtrentham said...

I got one of those 5 off 20 CVS items coupon and had been printing CVS item coupons from their site. I had body wash, CVS cetaphil cleanser, razor, and floss coupons. I couldn't really make a good deal out of these. Typically, the cleanser is 9 something dollars name brand, and 7 CVS, well one dollar off, is not the best deal, no ECBs, no BOGO to make it sweet. I probably would have used it on children's CVS tylenol, but there was a recall at the time, and the shelves were pretty empty. Also, that particular coupon was 24hrs. Not enough time to figure something out. CVS needs to give planners more time to figure deals out. The way I see it, a 24 hrs coupon is trying to get you to be impulsive.

jesicca said...

Awesome thanks. Will need to print a copy:)

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Mtrentham, I was surprised by those today only coupons--that was brand new. Most of the time I skip the CVS brand coupons but once in a while they will have one and have like their garbage bags b1g1 and I'll do something like that--things I can't seem to get good deals on.