Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rolling CVS Extra Bucks Weekly for Greater Savings

To "roll" an extra buck means to spend it at CVS on an item that will give extra bucks back.  You "roll" it into another extra buck with a later expiration date while "purchasing" a free, or nearly free, product with your current extra buck you earned from an earlier transaction at CVS.  This is key to getting the best CVS deals.

There are two main benefits to "rolling" extra bucks at CVS:

#1:  You will pay less cash out of pocket at CVS.
#2:  Your extra buck will have a later expiration date ensuring it won't expire before you use it.

Rolling perpetually is possible.  You use the extra bucks from last week on this week's extra buck items and then you use this week's extra bucks on items that give extra bucks next week.  As long as there are extra buck deals each week (or at least once a month) you will be able to "roll" them over and over again before they expire.

Sometimes you may need to roll your extra bucks by buying something you do not necessarily want or need just to be able to keep up the process of rolling--these items you will find good homes for by donating to non-profits or sharing with friends.  I sometimes ask the cashier if she would like it.  The sales at CVS dictate what you are able to purchase to roll your extra bucks.

By the use of manufacturer coupons and CVS coupons you will find that you will often actually increase your extra bucks.  You may enter the store with $15 in extra bucks, buy $30 worth of product for tax only by using the coupons and extra bucks and leave with $18 in extra bucks for next week's deals.  As they increase you can then spend them on items on sale or that you need that do not give extra bucks.

A simpler way is to just roll them each week. You can make more than one transaction (see the CVS 101 lesson on Numerous Transactions) using the extra buck earned on the first transaction on the second, those earned on the second on the third, etc.  Then before you leave the store spend any extra bucks you have on sale or necessary items.  You will have greatly reduced your out of pocket cost and increased your spending power.

CVS shopping has its own rules and way of thinking.  It seems foreign at first, but after just a few weeks a shopper easily gets the hang of it and begins to be amazed at the savings possible.
When an extra buck item is out of stock at CVS request a raincheck, they are good at any CVS store and never expire.  Rain checks for extra buck items are a good way to roll your extra bucks before they expire.

See CVS 101 for the ten steps to saving big while shopping at CVS.

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ida said...

A good lesson for met to review, Cheryl. Great post. Thanks. I've gotten better and better at rolling since I started couponing a year ago. Here's my latest conquest:

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

You are welcome! And you did great again! Will be watching to see what you do with those $28 in the future as spend and spend and spend them again.

deborah said...

Great post! I printed out a coupon for $2 extra bucks yesterday, and bought cat food that was on sale. Free cat food is wonderful!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great deal for your kitty, Deborah, there are so many ways to save at CVS.

Shelley K said...

This week my CVS ad has Purex laundry detergent for $3.99, with $2 ECB. It is limit (5). Can I buy all (5) in one transaction and get $10 in ECB or is it limit (1) per transaction for the ECB deal?

I've got the coupon for $4 off $20 so I thought I might buy (5) Purex and then a small filler item and be able to get $10 ECB back.


Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Shelly, yes, you can do them all together and get one big extra buck. This is normal for weekly deals, and used to be normal for monthly deals, but now it seems the monthly deals have to be done individually.

That would be a great deal on the Purex!

Anonymous said...

I have a question. I am new to this and CVS. I tried to roll my ECB to my next transaction and they told me if I use ECB on one transaction I will not earn ECB for that transaction. Is that right? Also they say limit 1 per CVS card? Does that mean while the sale lasts I can only buy one per household? This is what they told me last week. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Welcome to CVSing, Anon. You can pay with extra bucks and get extra bucks (unlike Walgreens). That is how we pay so little out of pocket.

The limits are based on each deal--in the ad (or in our lists here) the limit is stated by each deal--some are one some are two or more. And that is per card per that week's ad. You can still buy more at the sale price, but you will not get extra bucks.

If you wonder if you have reached the limit on a deal look at the bottom of your receipt--all of the deals you have done will be listed and if you have done all you can for that week it will say "limit reached."

I hope this helps some.