Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pampered Treatment at CVS

I just had to share another CVSing story with you.  I love CVS shopping because of saving so much with the CVS deals and coupons, but I have come to feel like I am going home when I shop. I have taken time to get to know the employees at my store, we chat about what's up in our lives and I often buy them goodies or take them some home baked goodies (especially during holiday rush hours) so it is almost like going home when I shop each week. Yesterday was no different.

First, the cart I had was squeaking loudly.  One of the assistant managers stocking the shelves and I were laughing about it--she said I couldn't sneak up on anyone.  A minute later I hear someone calling out, but couldn't distinguish the words over the squeak.  I thought I heard someone calling "Scott."  Apparently she was calling out, "stop....Cheryl....stop."  When I finally stopped to look at something she was laughing and had a can of WD40 in her hand.  She proceeded to apply it to each of my wheels.  It worked perfectly--I was now able to sneak around the store unnoticed.

A few minutes later I was doing my adding before check out and the cashier came over and gave me next week's ad--"Just in case I forget when you check out."  And shortly afterwards I saw the manager checking out and she walked by with a bag of marshmallows and was tearing it open--she held out to me, "want one?" Yumm, they were Campfire brand (my memories as a child were my rich friends ate Campfire marshmallows).

So my CVSing trips include saving, visiting, being pampered and even a bit of nostalgia.  I would love to hear a little of your experiences.


a busy mom getting through life said...

that is awesome

Unknown said...

what a great story! It's so nice to shop at a store where the employees are friendly and enjoy their job.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Yes, Dusty, it is fun to know they are glad to see you, too. My mom was in the other day to pick up a prescription with my daughter (we usually get them for her) and the manager was telling her all about us shopping and she said, "I'm happy to see them come in even if they don't buy anything."