Friday, June 11, 2010

Free CVS Gift Cards for New or Transferred Prescription

CVS often has coupons out for a free gift card for filling a new or transferred prescription at CVS/pharmacy. I have only seen or used $25 ones--so for filling a prescription which may only cost $10 you can get a $25 CVS gift card. I have received the coupons in the mail or at the scanner before.  And another great thing is most, if not all, CVS/pharmacies accept competitor's pharmacy coupons.  So check with your local CVS and then watch the Sunday ads for coupons for free gift cards for filling a prescription--I used one today that was in a K-mart ad last week.  There are some people with monthly prescriptions who transfer them back and forth between pharmacies to earn free gift cards.  Some restrictions apply.

See this post for an email from CVS Customer Service concerning their acceptance of competitor coupons.


Anonymous said...

Transferring the prescriptions in and out of pharmacies in order to get those gift cards is the epitome of coupon abuse. The coupons are offered to bring business into the store and keep it by offering lots of other deals/customer service. To expect CVS, or any pharmacy, to pay you for giving them business is really sad. It's also the reason why places like Rite Aid have implemented severe restrictions such as contracts, not using the coupons more than once every 6 months, etc.

CVS is offering their $25 pharmacy gift card coupons much less this year than any previous year because of the loss prevention issues brought about by people who transfer scripts in and out.

Cheryl said...

Anonymous, that was not the point I was making in this post. I was making the point that they accept competitor coupons at the Pharmacy, which they readily advertise with large banners outside many of their stores, I was not advocating switching pharmacies back and forth to get the gift cards--the ones I have used have been for "new" prescriptions, not transferred ones.

I do know there are people who do transfer repeatedly, and as long as there are no restrictions they are within their rights to take advantage of the pharmacy's offers of gift cards, but it is the overuse of such privileges that bring more restrictions as you have noted.

thanks for commenting.

Lissa said...

Cheryl, if you have a 'one' time prescription (Like when you have a cold), do you know if you still get the rewards, or is it for ongoing prescriptions?


Cheryl said...

Yes, Lissa, it is for any new or transferred prescription. Sometimes the coupons are only for transferred prescriptions, but often they are for new.

Anonymous said...

can you please tell me the difference between 4 people using the transfer coupons that never have used them before and 3 people that have not used them before and 1 that has used them before? the co. put them out there to be used and if 1000 use them and of the 1000 some have used before isn't it still 1000? also do you really know the mark up for some drugs? my friend owns a small neighborhood drug store and let's just use one example he buys 1000 water pills for 3.99 (yes that is 3.99) and sells an rx of 30 for 10.00 (cash or ins. with copay, no difference it's 10.00). that leaves 970 pills at 10.00 for every 30. now do your math, that is around 32 rx's at 10.00 each, a total of 320.00. i know they have overhead etc. and also when is the last time you went in an rx and only got the rx? and a drug store's markup for anything is, well you get the picture or do you?

Cheryl said...

Thanks for commenting, Anon. I want to clarify that I have nothing to do with CVS/pharmacy. I am just an average shopper like you--I have this site for the sole purpose to share with others how I have leaned to save money while shopping there.

You are right, it is the pharmacy, apparently, that brings in the bulk of the income for a drugstore.

Anonymous said...

I can't switch pharmacies more than once before my insurance co won't let me. So not everyone can do this.

Cheryl said...

Very interesting, Anon, thanks for that insight. There are often coupons for "new" prescriptions, too, so those would work for you.