Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday Coupon Insert Previews

CVS shoppers save a great deal with coupons and often seeing the ad early and knowing what coupons will come out that same week is helpful.  I have found that We Use Coupons has previews up for the upcoming Sunday coupons at least by the Wednesday before they come out.  To find them, visit We Use Coupons, click on "coupon resources" which is found in the center of the green line of links and then click on "coupon previews."  You will find links for what coupons will be out this Sunday (and even possibly future Sundays).  Also, don't forget they have a coupon database which you can enter any product you are looking for a coupon for and it will let you know if one is available and where to find it.  Seeing the previews also can prepare you for buying coupons--many of the coupon sellers have the lists up for sale a day or two before Sunday so you can get your order in early, especially useful for hot coupons.  See this post for more on "buying" coupons.

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