Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Purchasing Coupons for Added Savings on CVS Deals

Successful CVS deals definitely depends on a supply of coupons.  I have written several posts lately on coupons and wanted to share one now about "buying" coupons.  I have read of couponers who never buy a Sunday paper but instead buy all their coupons online.  That way they choose exactly what they want and how many and have no clipping to do.  Other couponers can't stand the thoughts of paying for a coupon and will never use these services.  When there is a coupon out that I know I can use lots of I have ordered extras.  Let me explain a little about clipping services for those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept and also I will list the services I have found and their location.

Selling coupons is actually illegal, but charging for the time to collect, clip, sort and send coupons is not.  And there are many people who have started coupon clipping services around the country.  I have looked for several located around the country to share with you and to have on Simply CVS for your convenience.

Coupon clipping services usually charge around 10% of the coupon value for individually clipped coupons,   also, many sell whole inserts.  Some charge an order handling fee on top of this and then all charge shipping--usually the actual cost--some have free shipping for larger orders.  And most have a minimum order--usually about $2.50 total and some have minimum orders per coupon (often 5).  It has been my experience to pay about 10 to 12% total for coupons.  Meaning if I buy $30 worth of coupons I will pay $3 to $3.60 for them--netting me a savings of approximately $27 when used.  If it is a store that doubles coupons then I save $57.  Where else can you get that kind of return on your investment?  Having extra coupons makes stockpiling easy.

Florida Coupon Clipping has a unique subscription service.  You order a 90 day subscription for a certain number of coupons (like $25 for 165) and over the next 90 days you order how ever many coupons you want, whenever you want and pay nothing--not even shipping. When you have reached your 165 you order another subscription and start all over.  I have found this method to be very simple.

Often being able to see a CVS ad in advance allows plenty of time to order coupons ahead.  Most services ship within 24 hours, a lot will ship the same day if the order is in by noon--so you have plenty of time to get them for the current week's sale, too.

Two reasons why I have included clipping services from around the country on Simply CVS is because different regions often receive some different coupons--so if you are looking for a specific coupon you may need to check different ones to find it and also so readers can find one close by for quick turn around time.  There are also many Ebay sellers.

So if you'd like to explore the possibilities of saving even more at CVS and/or the grocery store, check these services out.





Cheryl said...

I have been wondering if I should order some coupons now and then. So thanks - just placed an order with My Coupon Hunter! And great shopping job this week - can't believe all the stuff you got, no oop, and lots of ECB's back!!! WOW!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Ah, glad to help you decide to give it a try. I want to get into doing it more--once I get a better system for organizing them. I have a store nearby doing super doubles next week up to 1.99 doubled--so should check into getting some.

BTW the owner of My Coupon Hunter is great. I just "met" her (online) a few weeks ago and she is so good about emailing back and being very honest and helpful, like on the website letting buyers know if there will be any delay.

Oh, as to my shopping trip--it is so fun. Once you increase your extra bucks (I have about $40 now that I just keep rolling from week to week onto new deals) and build a stockpile it is amazing how much you can save. Lots of stuff for not only my family, but to share.

Cheryl said...

I like that My Coupon Hunter didn't have a minimum order amount and shipping was cheap! :)

Wendy said...

I didn't realize people can get cvs 4 off 20 coupons from ebay. Do you know how those work and have you tried getting them? They will def. help lower the out of pocket expense.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Wendy, from what I understand most of those, if not all, are copies of their emails which are intended for their use only. Very rarely is there a CVS coupon like that available that could be sold. Last week they were in a bunch of large town newspapers--but they expired in like 2 days so they couldn't have sold those. So no, I have never gotten any.