Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Printable Coupons ~ A Quick & Easy Way to Save Big at CVS

Coupons.comThe ability to print coupons at home for a large variety of everyday, brand name groceries and health & beauty items makes it a cinch to save without a lot of work--it can be as easy as when you have your list made skim thru the current offerings and print what you are buying.  There are often printable internet coupons available for CVS sale and extra buck items which often make the item free or sometimes turns the deal into a moneymaker.

The three main coupon printing sites that I like the best and visit almost exclusively are Coupons, Redplum, and Smartsource.  I have added links in the right hand sidebar of the blog for these as well as widget boxes for two that show the newest coupons available updated in real time.  I am trying to make Simply CVS the CVS shopper's one stop place for all they need to succeed at CVS shopping and this is one area I have found to be very helpful.
Red Plum

You can also check manufacturers' websites for the individual product you are interested in, they often have printables available there.   And here is a link to a list of current Bricks coupons available--many are on manufacturers' websites.

So if you haven't really looked thru what is available out there check them out.  You can enter your zip code to get coupons for special products available in your area. Currently at  coupons.com my zip has 159 Coupons and at Redplum there are 53.  You can usually print two of each coupon and the coupons are updated the beginning of each month so even after printing your two they may be back up again the next month.  After you print once go back and re-select them again and print again (once in a while a coupon will be limited to one print, but not often).  Throughout the  month they update with new coupons, too, so check often.

Happy CVSing!


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