Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ordering From CVS For Upcoming Sales

Many CVS shoppers find low stock on hot sale items the week of the sale.  This can be very disappointing and frustrating, but CVS does offer Rain Checks so a shopper can still get the deal when the shelves are again stocked.  These rain checks never expire.  Unfortunately, if you have a coupon that will expire before the shelves are restocked you loose the added savings.  Many times a new coupon will come out that can be used, but when a product is new the coupons are usually for a higher value than later and extra buck deals often are for products being introduced for the first time.  So is there anything else you can do to avoid this?

I have asked my CVS to order items for me that I know will be a hot deal or that I have coupons for that will make the product free.  The manager has been more than happy to do this and they often order extras for the shelves knowing that what I ask for others will be interested in, too.  I have read of many shoppers doing this at their CVS.  So if you are checking out the upcoming ads and see something you just have to have that week ask your manager if they can order it for you.  You will need to know what day is "truck day" at your CVS to know when your stock will be in and also what day they order so you get your order in in time.

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