Saturday, May 1, 2010

CVS Extra Care Card: How many can you have?

EDITING 7/26/2011:  I thought I had edited this post already and had it archived so it shouldn't show up.  CVS's current rule on this is One per Household--but if you have two families living at one address that is considered two households and each can have one card.
CVS Extra Care Cards are necessary to earn the extra bucks offered on various products each week in the CVS ad and to earn the 2% quarterly spending extra bucks back.  Having more than one card would allow shoppers to do more than one weekly extra bucks deals limits.  To see details of how to get a card and how the card works read this post.
How many can each customer have?  How many can each household have?  Can you do the deals on more than one card per household?
ANSWER:  Who knows!
Real helpful, huh?  Well, I thought I'd share with you what I have read, heard and experienced.

CARDS PER PERSON:  It is my understanding that each individual can have ONE card in their name.  Yet, if you are on your account it will ask if you want to register another card--which means you must have another one to register it, right?  I also have read of others being told at their store that they can have another card.  Also I have heard of people calling customer service and some being told, yes you can, and others being told no you can't.

CARDS PER HOUSEHOLD: It is my understanding that each member of a household can have their own card.  This seems to be what it has been for years.  But then again I have read of some managers telling customers they have to share a card--but that has been rare.  The question becomes can you do more than one...

WEEKLY EXTRA BUCKS DEALS PER HOUSEHOLD:  Here's where it gets trickier.  The ads used to say "limit 1 per CARD" on the weekly CVS extra bucks deals, about three years ago it changed to:  "limit 1 per HOUSEHOLD."  When it made this change I quit shopping because my daughter was CVSing and living at home.  One day, after several months, I went in with her and the manager asked where I had been, I pointed out the wording and told her why I quit, she said that wasn't what it meant and that she would certainly sell to me with my own card as well as to my husband and other daughter if they wanted to.

Okay, so I got the impression it was one of those things that is there so the managers can enforce it if they want to or they don't have to.  We were at another CVS and I ask a manager there and was told, yes, each person can have their own card and shop the deals, that the ad really meant "per card".  I have read on the internet of people who use 5 or more cards for members in their families, so this may be another thing left to interpretation.

The system does not stop members of the same house from doing all the deals--as it stops the deal when the limit is reached per card.  I shop at a grocery store that allows each member their own card, but they are all linked and if there is a deal limit it is cut off when the HOUSEHOLD reaches the limit.  But at CVS it is only cut off when the CARD reaches the limit.

The reason I wanted to share this is if any of you would like to get another household member a card to be able to do more deals I wanted you to know it may very well be possible--and is at most CVS's.  A lot of people shop with more than one card at one time and have no problems.  Some managers don't like it because it can wipe out their stock.  Some people use their card one day and their husband's on another day with no problem.

So if you'd like get in on more deals, and have other adults in your household, check it out. Perhaps ask your manager or call customer service to see if they can tell you.

Please note:  I am not trying to get around rules or the system CVS has in place--they don't seem to give a direct answer, or at least everyone doesn't give the same answer when asked, so I am not sure there is a hard core rule and wanted to share with readers what I and others have experienced so you can look into this if it is something that interests you.

Happy CVSing!


sc couponer said...

I "work" 3 cards at my CVS with no problem, in fact, it was my store manager who suggested I get more than one card. I use all 3 on almost every trip, but I WILL ask her before I clear out stock, and she often gives me a rain check instead, so that others can have what is there. My store is notorious for having low stock on the deal items. I have also asked her to order for me when a deal was coming up that I really wanted to stockpile on.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing, sc couponer. Sounds like she will really work with you, mine does, too. I do my card and my mom for her and my daughter does one. I have asked for things to be ordered, too, and that works well for both of us because then she knows what is a hot deal and will have extra stock for others.

ScienceGeek said...

I wonder if you have more than one card per household (like one for wife, one for husband) if you're able to register both cards online without a hitch. Do you know?

Cheryl said...

I have read of many people having more than one per family and they register them with no problem. They may put them under separate accounts and use separate emails--that I don't know.

Anonymous said...

just remember to use a different phone number and email for each card and remember which one is which (you can use the phone # when you don't have the card with you). each card produces unique coupons, so you can't use Bob's coupon with Suzie's card. so when you print the coupons from an email, keep track of which one is for which card or the register will block it. It takes some work and organization, but it does work.

Cheryl said...

Great tips, Anon. Thanks for pointing that out.

Anonymous said...

I understand that CVS has a rule in place, but unfortunately every store manager does their own thing which causes a huge problem. The bottom line is you are only suppose to have ONE extra care card per household. If anyone has filled out an application in the last few years it also says it on that paper that you sign. When it says a limit for the extra buck rewards per household that's what it means PER HOUSEHOLD. It doesn't mean per card if it did that's what it would say.

Cheryl said...

Anon, thanks for that info--I thought I had updated all the posts about this as I know they have now changed this. This was archived, I thought, and shouldn't be showing up. I am going in to edit it now.

Cheryl said...

Okay, I found the updated post: . And I edited this one in case anyone else comes across this.