Monday, May 10, 2010

Check Your Extra Bucks When They Print

CVS extra bucks sometimes print out incorrectly or not at all.  Not very often, but it is important to check your receipt as soon as you check out (note to self:  listen to your own advice--I often forget).  Simply CVS Reader, Cheryl, commented on the Free After Extra Bucks post that the Bayer Contour meter extra buck is not printing at $15 but at $5 which reminded me to pay more attention and to think to put out a reminder to all of you--but don't worry, if it prints wrong you are not out your extra buck.

If one doesn't print or prints wrong just grab your ad, your receipt and your product.  First be sure you did the deal correctly and that you hadn't done it earlier then show them to the cashier and she can enter the info in the cash register and will print out what you should have received when you checked out.  In the case of Cheryl's they printed her an extra $10 one to make up for the difference.

Happy CVSing!

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