Friday, April 23, 2010

CVS Photo Free Photo Magnet

CVS Photo has a great deal just in time for Mother's Day.  Use the code FREE4MOM to receive a $6.99 4 x 6 photo magnet for free.  I have read some people report needing to enter a credit card, but others said if you choose to pick up in the store and pay in the store you do not need to enter the credit card info.  There is a shipping fee if you want it sent to your home and there is a note that under $5 orders have a $1.50 handling fee but the confirmation emails that are being sent do not show this fee.  It is possible that you'd have to pay this when picking it up, but I really don't know.  Also, some people have placed more than one order and some are reporting that the site at times seems overwhelmed but others have had no problems.

All of this information I have gathered elsewhere, I do not have any personal experience ordering one.

So check it out--could be a great freebie!

Happy CVSing!

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