Friday, April 9, 2010

CVS In-store Scanner

CVS Scanner

Be sure to check to see if your CVS has a scanning machine. It should be somewhere near the front of the store. It is useful for several purposes and often make for greater savings on CVS deals.

My favorite thing about it is that it prints CVS coupons. Each time you go into the store stop by the scanner and scan your card. Coupons will print out. These are considered "CVS Coupons" not manufacturer coupons even if they are for a product sold nationwide. The great thing about that is CVS allows the use of one CVS coupon and one Manufacturer coupon on the same product. This really increases your savings potential.
Scan your card, let it print and repeat this process until you receive two coupons for CVS products--these always print at the end. They are often for candy, tissues, nuts, paper towels and the like. They often make a product free or almost free. For example there have been $1 off any Gold Emblem nut. In the travel section, on the front counters and hanging by the freezer section are $.99 bags of Gold Emblem nuts. Which makes for free nuts. And these coupons will print out each day for the complete week--so if you stop by CVS a lot you can score a lot of nuts. The expiration dates are usually one week for these.  These last two CVS brand coupons never print at the register. 

Often the scanner will also print dollar off total order amounts, like $5 off your purchase of $30, which may not print at the register. A few times a year, for a day or two in a certain week, they have printed out $5 off $15 purchase.  Sometimes the $/$$ coupons print when you check out, but by scanning your card first you can use it that day.

Another great feature of the scanner is checking prices. If you are not sure if an item is included in a sale or you want to check a clearance price you can scan it and the price will show on the screen. There is even an option for printing a receipt showing the price.

The price checking option is convenient, too, if you are trying to add up your purchases to match the total with a combination of extra bucks for paying. If you forget the price of an item you can scan it to be sure.

My local store did not have one until around the first of 2010. I kept reading online about all the great coupons people were receiving that were only available at the scanner that I couldn't get. I called CVS customer service and asked if it were possible to request a scanner. They passed on my request to our district manager and within two months it was up and running. I am not sure if the call helped, but it is worth a try if your store doesn't have one.

Happy CVSing!

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